What Clients Are Saying

Jitoria J., MHA

- Health Education Specialist at the University of Mississippi Medical Center

UMMC School of Nursing operates a school-based health clinic (The Lanier High Teen Wellness Clinic) out of the Lanier High School. I asked Britney to participate in the clinic's young professional panel for our students at the Lanier High School. Each year the clinic sponsors a Senior Transition Event. Britney surely delivered! She truly made an impact on the students by sharing inspirational stories of her successes and failures. I am so thankful to know such an amazing person.

Aretha C.

- Youth Leader at Hanging Moss Church of Christ Girls Ministry

I heard Britney speak to a group of high school girls from our Church. She did an EXCELLENT job, to say the least! Britney was very well prepared for the subject matter given in advance. She was very hands-on and her presentation even included activities catered to the subject matter. Britney spoke in a way that everyone in the room could gain something from her words. I served as a chaperone/youth leader and was able to apply what she was saying to the young girls, to my life. When Britney speaks, you can feel her passion exuding throughout her presentation. Britney came highly recommended as a speaker for our event and she did not disappoint. She is a blessing and we will definitely use Britney again as a future speaker!

Timothy L.

- CEO of Higher Purpose Co.

Britney spoke at two events sponsored by my nonprofit Higher Purpose Co. I was very impressed with her knowledge of leadership and financial literacy. She was very engaging during her presentations.

Edna S.

- Creative Director of Thayer Church of Christ African American Excellence Program

Britney did a great job as our Mistress of Ceremony in our first and second Black History program. She kept the program and the people involved in an upbeat performance. I am really appreciative of her time and support.

Falana M.

- Founder of Restore Singles Ministry

It was a pleasure having Britney Clark as the keynote speaker at the Women's Empowerment Brunch that I recently hosted. Not only was Britney's presentation engaging, it was life-changing. She gave key wisdom points that are essential for women to live successful lives. I have received a lot of positive feedback from the attendees on the impact of Britney's presentation. She inspired the attendees to think differently. Many thanks for an inspirational day. 

Allison B.

- Former Jobs for MS Graduates Coordinator

Britney spoke to my class in a thorough, yet age appropriate manner. Her financial advice was practical and useful for students preparing to enter college. They connected with her quickly and easily. 


Dr. Marilyn D.

- Retired Principle at Brookhaven School District

As the Empowerment speaker for the Rising S.T.A.R.S. for Christ workshop, Britney captivated the young adults with her smile, her information, and the way she drew them into the session. In attendance was young girls age 12-22. They knew about the power they possessed after she spoke about self-esteem, intrinsic motivation, and affirmations. Britney did all this by using language they certainly understood. She has the power to entertain, educate, and enlighten. This was truly an outstanding session. 


Brittany D.

- Higher Purpose Academy Participant

I really enjoyed hearing Britney's presentation on leadership. As a young African American woman, I was very inspired by Britney as she shared insight from her personal experiences on the qualities of an effective leader. I was most impressed by the advice she gave us millennials working in leadership roles where our subordinates are much older. She is indeed wise beyond her years, and I will always carry the wisdom she shared along with me. 

Dean Brenda S.

- Copiah-Lincoln Community College

As Dean of Students, I needed a speaker to address a sensitive issue and Britney delivered the best presentation I've ever heard! "How To Be A Successful Woman" was extraordinary for students or adults. She establishes rapport, is personal yet professional and polished. We received overwhelming positive feedback and would love to have her speak to our students every year. 


Shanelle D. Frazier

- Higher Purpose Co. Academy Tour Atendee

I had the pleasure of attending a session led by Britney L. Clark as she spoke on effective leadership. A key message from the presentation is that a leader's role is to inspire and encourage. Britney did just that! I was truly inspired to see someone like myself, a young black woman, who possessed professionalism, knowledge, and grace. Her presentation was well rounded, and I left feeling motivated to be a better leader on the job and in life. I'm looking forward to the journey of finding my fit in leadership.